ANOTHER Tire Puncture!!! But Cool Loaner Car!!!

I guess I’ve been cursed by the ‘let’s-put-screws-in-the-tires’ gods.  Two weeks ago I was pulling out of the complex with the windows open and could easily hear the periodic clack, clack of something in a passenger side tire reflecting off the walls of the condos adjacent to the road on my way to the exit gate.  I was so hoping that it was simply a piece of gravel wedged in the treads but it sounded too hard and distinct for that.

When I parked I was luckily able to notice the head of another screw poking out in the deep part of a tread and hoped that it did not fully penetrate the RFT.  The next morning there was no low pressure warning.  Whew!!  I dodged another one.  Furthermore, as I drove to work I no longer heard the clacking.  When I got to work I thought no further about it.

Then…I started her up and BOOM!  TPM warning in the right rear.  DAMNIT!!  Since I’m only about 3 miles from BMW of Ontario I immediately drove over.  As usual, the receiving team immediately arrived at my door as I pulled in.  We performed the dance again where I took my bag of computers and spent a few quality moments with Joe Pickens then sat and worked for a bit while they checked stock on a new tire.  After a bit Tim came over and sat down (like a doctor getting ready to give you the bad news about a blood test) and informed me that they had a tire in stock; however, there appears to be a small leak in a seal in the front differential.  I have a choice to bring it back or to leave it.  I asked if there was a loaner available and, after a quick check, there was a brand new ’15 428i Gran Coupe sDrive with ‘M’ package (only 15 miles on the odometer).  I decided to leave the GT with the awesome service team and, since Ulysses (my valet of the day) still had all my information from the previous week, I was quickly sent on my way.

Here are a couple of pics in my third favorite parking spot at work – notice I park waaaay over toward the curb to keep away from any door dingers).  It is a VERY nice looking car and it – because it weighs ~300 lbs less than the GT – has quite a bit of giddy-up-and-go.  There’s lots to like about this car (beautiful, the HUD is AWESOME – now I want one in my car, quick, beautiful, GREAT adaptive full LED headlights, agile, beautiful, ergonomically pleasing, beautiful…); however, for someone my size it is not something I could live with long term – ingress/egress is not nearly as easy as my GT (duh!!).  Once I’m inside it is not so bad.  There are some other things I could nit-pick about (no hook rails and only one grocery bag hook in the back, and manual sun-shade – really??, LED headlights but incandescent fog-lights looks kinda silly) but then it would sound like some serious 1st world issues <snark>.

In any case, Tim kept me properly updated throughout the week and I picked up the GT after 6 days with a brand new front differential.  I love this dealership and its service group.  They take super good care of me and my GT.

Thanks Tim for keeping my awesome ride happy!!  Thanks Joe for helping me get this awesome ride!!


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