GT Maintenance (and then some…)

A few rattles have developed over the past few months and a reduced power warning appeared on the MFD.  Since Eileen and I were driving the GT up to Pacifica on the 18th of September (for our wedding vacation) I figured I should get a service done while having the intermittent noises and warning addressed.

I had the normal maintenance scheduled (oil, lube, etc) but Tim detailed to me that they also replaced spark plugs, exchanged brake fluid, replaced all air filters (including micron).  During the drop-off inspection, Tim noticed some excessive wear on the outer front tires so I paid to have them swapped and an alignment performed.

The best part is that they fixed the steering column cowling (loose wire) and sunroof rattles (broken clip replaced) so no more rattles – woohoo!!

The also performed some software maintenance for the MFD warning.  I’ll try to get more details.


I got another 428 sDrive Gran Coupe (light gray) as a loaner and it was fun to toss around for the week.  I also recently update my maintenance an additional two years.

BMW of Ontario service is the best.

Out front of office



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