If you don’t look back after parking your car…

…you bought the wrong car.  I still look at my GT even after 2 1/2 years.GTParkedAtOffice_20170523_0521


Still Totally Love My Car

It has been awhile since I’ve thrown down some words about my GT and I was reminded of this fact after I visited BMW of Ontario this weekend (during a Saturday bike ride).  This Penske property recently completed and opened a new building (sales of new cars and a beautiful new service center) and the existing property is used car sales and the the Mini dealer next door expanded into the old service area.

While there talking to Pam (my former Portfolio Manager now Used Car Sale Manager – CONGRATS PAM!!) and looking at the CPO’s I noticed this unique 2002…


It even has a hand grenade for a shift knob and a couple ammo cans on the roof rack.  Love the snorkel too.

I just want to reiterate that I still love my GT.  It is a pleasure to drive and I still look at after I park it and head off to do what I’m doing.

Awesome BMW Film

I just watched The Escape on BMW films.  Well done!  I like the new BMW look where the front fender vents crease glides back along side the body.  This particular one looks like it has the Luxury Package (chrome galore and the greater than normal spokes on the wheels).  I love that color silver too.  Classy car.

escape_poster_series1 escape_poster_series2

Can also watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSVw6f8KBFLn7r1cQsFhLw
The main link is: http://bmwfilms.com/

BMW of Ontario is Very Gracious

While I was in awaiting the delivery of my GT during my last visit I spent some time talking with my salesman (Joe) and my portfolio manager (Pam).  I always enjoy discussing the BMW lineup and what future vehicles are coming up.  Pam told me that she shared my blog with the Scotty McBean (GM) and he appreciated it so much that I was gifted some very nice BMW products.


There is a slimline leather wallet, a key-chain, and a very cool wireless mouse with carbon fiber body and the M logo.  That was very nice of them and I feel honored to have received such a thoughtful gift of fine BMW items.

THANK YOU BMW of Ontario!!

Test Drive for US Olympic Team

I was invited to make an appointment to test drive some new BMW vehicles (BMW donates $$’s for each test drive).  I chose the X4 as I’m considering that for my next BMW (still several years away) even though X6 is my top choice.  I enjoyed the drive but noticed a ‘deal breaker’…the head rests do not have fore-aft adjustment, only up-down.  I’m a bit surprised about that.  Beautiful ride though.


I also drove a 2016 335i xDrive with the ‘M’ package.  It sure is a fun car.  I was disappointed by the slow shifts between the first several gears though.  I love the performance but it just isn’t worth it in Southern California to have that kind of performance since you really don’t have the opportunity to use if very often.

Free Tank of Gas from BMW of Ontario!!

I recently received an email from the BDC Manager (Laura) of BMW of Ontario informing me that I was selected in an online sweepstakes and that I won a free tank of gas. Fortunately, I was fixing to get fuel within the next day as I was down to a range of 33 miles. I called the dealer’s Genius Desk and Jessica set me up for an appointment the next morning to get the fuel and for a promo pic.

By the time I got there I had 21 miles of range remaining with Chevron less than ½ mile from the dealership. When I arrived I was able to spend a few minutes with Joe Pickens who I enjoy dealing with and recommend to anyone who’s interested in a BMW. I also cruised around looking at several beautiful cars in the showroom. I sat in a 428 Gran Coupe with I really like but it is definitely smaller than my GT as my shoulders are too big for the doorway. Still a beautiful ride.

After $49 of Chevron Premium Jessica took some pics and posted to Google+ (and to Facebook).

Thanks again BMW of Ontario.  You have an awesome team!