Low Tire Pressure Warning

The GT presented me with a ‘low tire pressure warning’ this morning immediately after starting her up.  I did a reset which appeared to work.  This afternoon it showed up when I was heading home from the office.  I figured that since it was closer to the dealership than to home I’d take it over and get her looked at.

It was a slow leak caused by a nail (exactly as I suspected).  Thankfully they had a replacement in stock AND I have tire coverage so it was only a $50 deductible (for a $350 tire!).  As usual, my experience with the service department here is second to none.  I was immediately met by a concierge who was very professional and smoothly guided to the waiting area (I actually headed to the showroom where I got to spend some quality time talking to Joe P – my Sales Exec – and Pam S – my portfolio manager).  Tim B handled all the paperwork and processed the repair efficiently as usual.  The whole time there was less than 90 minutes.

I checked out the beautiful white M4 convertible).  It is a very good looking car but the headrest is not adjustable (fore and aft) so my overall seating position is not very comfortable.  But it is still very pleasing to the eyes.


I also took the time to get my BMW Connected Drive account updated (there was a typo in the email address).  Thanks again to the skilled and kind BMW genius team.

BMW of Ontario is a great place!  Thanks folks!


Test Drive for US Olympic Team

I was invited to make an appointment to test drive some new BMW vehicles (BMW donates $$’s for each test drive).  I chose the X4 as I’m considering that for my next BMW (still several years away) even though X6 is my top choice.  I enjoyed the drive but noticed a ‘deal breaker’…the head rests do not have fore-aft adjustment, only up-down.  I’m a bit surprised about that.  Beautiful ride though.


I also drove a 2016 335i xDrive with the ‘M’ package.  It sure is a fun car.  I was disappointed by the slow shifts between the first several gears though.  I love the performance but it just isn’t worth it in Southern California to have that kind of performance since you really don’t have the opportunity to use if very often.

Beautiful GT

So this morning I’m getting coffee at “Bad Ass Coffee” in Rancho Cucamonga and one of the regulars was heading in and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ sign and a “Nice car!”. GTatBestBuy Here’s a pic from last week (Thu 5/28) whilst I was at Best Buy looking for on-sale thumb drives. Today I stopped at Mark Christopher Cadillac to browse the new ATS or CTS to see if they are something Eileen would be interested in.  The salesman noticed my car and after we talked Caddies he came over and took a look at it.  He really likes it.  Was very impressed with the amount of room in the back seats and under the hatch.  He drives a 2008 650i. Latest tank was 319 miles over the past 9.0 days and 23.2 mpg at average speed of 26.7 mph.

First Service

This morning I dropped the GT (need to give her a name one of these days) off at the Service Department of BMW of Ontario and was promptly met by a kind gentleman from the UK (at least that is what his accent sounds like) named John.  He had his clipboard and verified my 0700 appointment and that I would be getting a loaner.  He got the necessary documents and keys then directed me to the lobby to wait for Tim Burgess (my personal service writer).  I’ve worked with Tim before when I would bring in the X3 (Fofo was her name) and he’s extremely capable and professional.

GT waiting for her day at the spa…

Dropping her off.
Dropping her off.

Instead of sitting in the lounge I immediately headed to the showroom and sat in 1) an Estoril Blue M2 convertible, 2) Alpine White 750iL, and a 3) Gray 535.  The M2 was nice but too small (I’m 6’1″ and big frame) even though the top was down I felt confined.  I really liked the 7 but who wouldn’t?

Tim hunted me down and we discussed the plan from his perspective (oil, filter, scope, check the basics, and wash it) then I asked about recommendations for fixing 3 door dings (I only knew of 2) and for fixing a curb rub on passenger rear wheel.  He called later that afternoon and their ‘guy’ quoted $300 for dings and $165 for the wheel.  I’ll call tomorrow and see what his ‘cash’ price is.

My loaner was an Alpine White 328i with front and rear sensors, rear camera, seat heaters, but no nav.  This car definitely is more spritely than mine but it should be since its shorter and lighter.  There’s more to it than that though.  Steering is stiffer and the accelerator was more difficult to get a smooth start even in Econo Mode.  The difference in feel is so pronounced to me I wonder why the GT is even considered a 3-Series.  In any case, as much as I liked the loaner I sure felt better get back into my GT.

Happy to see me…

Ready to go home.
Ready to go home.

As I was loading my gear into the back another customer sauntered over to inspect my car and he commented how he had never seen a 3-GT before how nice looking it is.  He was doubly surprised by the panoramic sunroof and the hatchback.  We got to talking about golf clubs fitting without having to remove the driver and I told him about the water tank (he was impressed).  He told me about his special order 428i with M package but I didn’t get to see it.  It was a nice chat and I’m always happy to share the wonderment of my GT.

I really like having a dealership that treats their customers like friends.  Thank you BMW of Ontario!!

GT at Sunset

Here’s my GT at sunset in Redlands in the Chipotle parking lot. I stopped to get dinner for my parents.


I purposely lifted the spoiler; I wanted to see how she looked with it open. I only see the spoiler up from my rear view mirror. From BMW:

The rear spoiler automatically extends at speeds of over 110 km/h – and retracts once you’re back under 70 km/h. You can also manually control the active rear spoiler via a button on the driver side door (below the electric window controls).

She’s a beauty.

Free Tank of Gas from BMW of Ontario!!

I recently received an email from the BDC Manager (Laura) of BMW of Ontario informing me that I was selected in an online sweepstakes and that I won a free tank of gas. Fortunately, I was fixing to get fuel within the next day as I was down to a range of 33 miles. I called the dealer’s Genius Desk and Jessica set me up for an appointment the next morning to get the fuel and for a promo pic.

By the time I got there I had 21 miles of range remaining with Chevron less than ½ mile from the dealership. When I arrived I was able to spend a few minutes with Joe Pickens who I enjoy dealing with and recommend to anyone who’s interested in a BMW. I also cruised around looking at several beautiful cars in the showroom. I sat in a 428 Gran Coupe with I really like but it is definitely smaller than my GT as my shoulders are too big for the doorway. Still a beautiful ride.

After $49 of Chevron Premium Jessica took some pics and posted to Google+ (and to Facebook).

Thanks again BMW of Ontario.  You have an awesome team!