If you don’t look back after parking your car…

…you bought the wrong car.  I still look at my GT even after 2 1/2 years.GTParkedAtOffice_20170523_0521


Still Totally Love My Car

It has been awhile since I’ve thrown down some words about my GT and I was reminded of this fact after I visited BMW of Ontario this weekend (during a Saturday bike ride).  This Penske property recently completed and opened a new building (sales of new cars and a beautiful new service center) and the existing property is used car sales and the the Mini dealer next door expanded into the old service area.

While there talking to Pam (my former Portfolio Manager now Used Car Sale Manager – CONGRATS PAM!!) and looking at the CPO’s I noticed this unique 2002…


It even has a hand grenade for a shift knob and a couple ammo cans on the roof rack.  Love the snorkel too.

I just want to reiterate that I still love my GT.  It is a pleasure to drive and I still look at after I park it and head off to do what I’m doing.

Awesome BMW Film

I just watched The Escape on BMW films.  Well done!  I like the new BMW look where the front fender vents crease glides back along side the body.  This particular one looks like it has the Luxury Package (chrome galore and the greater than normal spokes on the wheels).  I love that color silver too.  Classy car.

escape_poster_series1 escape_poster_series2

Can also watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSVw6f8KBFLn7r1cQsFhLw
The main link is: http://bmwfilms.com/

GT Maintenance (and then some…)

A few rattles have developed over the past few months and a reduced power warning appeared on the MFD.  Since Eileen and I were driving the GT up to Pacifica on the 18th of September (for our wedding vacation) I figured I should get a service done while having the intermittent noises and warning addressed.

I had the normal maintenance scheduled (oil, lube, etc) but Tim detailed to me that they also replaced spark plugs, exchanged brake fluid, replaced all air filters (including micron).  During the drop-off inspection, Tim noticed some excessive wear on the outer front tires so I paid to have them swapped and an alignment performed.

The best part is that they fixed the steering column cowling (loose wire) and sunroof rattles (broken clip replaced) so no more rattles – woohoo!!

The also performed some software maintenance for the MFD warning.  I’ll try to get more details.


I got another 428 sDrive Gran Coupe (light gray) as a loaner and it was fun to toss around for the week.  I also recently update my maintenance an additional two years.

BMW of Ontario service is the best.

Out front of office


BMW of Ontario is Very Gracious

While I was in awaiting the delivery of my GT during my last visit I spent some time talking with my salesman (Joe) and my portfolio manager (Pam).  I always enjoy discussing the BMW lineup and what future vehicles are coming up.  Pam told me that she shared my blog with the Scotty McBean (GM) and he appreciated it so much that I was gifted some very nice BMW products.


There is a slimline leather wallet, a key-chain, and a very cool wireless mouse with carbon fiber body and the M logo.  That was very nice of them and I feel honored to have received such a thoughtful gift of fine BMW items.

THANK YOU BMW of Ontario!!

ANOTHER Tire Puncture!!! But Cool Loaner Car!!!

I guess I’ve been cursed by the ‘let’s-put-screws-in-the-tires’ gods.  Two weeks ago I was pulling out of the complex with the windows open and could easily hear the periodic clack, clack of something in a passenger side tire reflecting off the walls of the condos adjacent to the road on my way to the exit gate.  I was so hoping that it was simply a piece of gravel wedged in the treads but it sounded too hard and distinct for that.

When I parked I was luckily able to notice the head of another screw poking out in the deep part of a tread and hoped that it did not fully penetrate the RFT.  The next morning there was no low pressure warning.  Whew!!  I dodged another one.  Furthermore, as I drove to work I no longer heard the clacking.  When I got to work I thought no further about it.

Then…I started her up and BOOM!  TPM warning in the right rear.  DAMNIT!!  Since I’m only about 3 miles from BMW of Ontario I immediately drove over.  As usual, the receiving team immediately arrived at my door as I pulled in.  We performed the dance again where I took my bag of computers and spent a few quality moments with Joe Pickens then sat and worked for a bit while they checked stock on a new tire.  After a bit Tim came over and sat down (like a doctor getting ready to give you the bad news about a blood test) and informed me that they had a tire in stock; however, there appears to be a small leak in a seal in the front differential.  I have a choice to bring it back or to leave it.  I asked if there was a loaner available and, after a quick check, there was a brand new ’15 428i Gran Coupe sDrive with ‘M’ package (only 15 miles on the odometer).  I decided to leave the GT with the awesome service team and, since Ulysses (my valet of the day) still had all my information from the previous week, I was quickly sent on my way.

Here are a couple of pics in my third favorite parking spot at work – notice I park waaaay over toward the curb to keep away from any door dingers).  It is a VERY nice looking car and it – because it weighs ~300 lbs less than the GT – has quite a bit of giddy-up-and-go.  There’s lots to like about this car (beautiful, the HUD is AWESOME – now I want one in my car, quick, beautiful, GREAT adaptive full LED headlights, agile, beautiful, ergonomically pleasing, beautiful…); however, for someone my size it is not something I could live with long term – ingress/egress is not nearly as easy as my GT (duh!!).  Once I’m inside it is not so bad.  There are some other things I could nit-pick about (no hook rails and only one grocery bag hook in the back, and manual sun-shade – really??, LED headlights but incandescent fog-lights looks kinda silly) but then it would sound like some serious 1st world issues <snark>.

In any case, Tim kept me properly updated throughout the week and I picked up the GT after 6 days with a brand new front differential.  I love this dealership and its service group.  They take super good care of me and my GT.

Thanks Tim for keeping my awesome ride happy!!  Thanks Joe for helping me get this awesome ride!!